• Modern Indian Fine Dining in MAHDY'S
    Modern Indian Fine Dining in MAHDY'S
    Call +971 477 0819

Address: Office 402, DAMAC Heights, 44st floor,
P. O. BOX 200437, Al Sharta St, Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Email: info@indiflavorsdubai.com
Phone: +971 477 0819
Timing: Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 till 18:00

MAHDY'S - indian food restaurant

     From the dusty scorched Dubai to the mesmerizing breezy palace, as through the cloud.
     Golden Lakshmi look into your eyes and smile,
     As if she know something about you.
     A courteous executive at the bar counter recall the goddess of fortune.
     There is no mistake. There are waiting for you here.
     Muted light in the black hall - a joy to your tired eyes.
     Dancing Shiva figurine on the bar counter.
     Smoking incenses at his feet.
     Exotic flavoures soaring over the serving tables.
     Hypnotic sounds of fairy music.
     And quite conversations of guests.
     Behind the kitchen door is a mystery.
     There is a cooking team from India,
     Has been working harmoniously for 13 years,
     Day-by-day, hour-by-hour, making petty,
     Joyful dining miracles.
     This is MAHDY'S - the oldest indian restaurant in Dubai.
     The home you are always welcome.

     An Indian cuisine has been changing a lot, the same manner all the cuisines of the world are changing. We proud to introduce a genuine Indian cuisine in Dubai.
     Mahdy Naadabindu has been known in Dubai for years for his exceptional hospitality. He is the close friend of Indian President and Prime minister, as well as many of Indian movie stars from Bollywood.
     Our chief cook is a specialist of various dishes, representing an Indian cuisines, including the dishes from the Indian chulha stove.
     We gladly help you to celebrate various important events of your life, as a wedding, an anniversary, or plane business-meetings.
     All the millennial culture's secrets on the 44th floor of DAMAC Heights. You're welcome.

We use professional pos software for a restaurant in Dubai for better services for our customers. You will never get your food late.

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